Spray Paints for Wood – Shabby Chic your furniture!

Spray paints for wood are one of the most important growing sectors in the art and commercial industries. As an art fanatic we have become obsessed with spraying furniture lately. Shabby chic is all the rage and is so much fun to do!

Finding the right type of aerosol is vitally important though! You cannot just go and paint with any old stuff. We recommend you invest a little bit of money in a quality product like those offered by spraytechnologiesaerosols.com

They specialise in all kinds of products but their wood aerosols are second to none! Another great thing about this company is they are so helpful. If you aren’t sure on what to buy just ring them up and they will point you in the right direction. You can’t do that with Amazon.

Another thing to consider is what you are spraying! Not all woods and materials are made the same. Some materials like a certain type of paint. Some will need priming for example to get the best result. I’d always recommend priming your surfaces for the best results.

Now for colours! The fun part. Now you may not have heard of these but RAL and Pantone Spray Paint are the most popular in the UK. Especially in the commercial sector. They are what they paint buildings with, and there is a reason for this. They last a long time and look fantastic. I always look to industry to see what products they are using as you know they are the best quality and not some cheap rubbish made for the art shop on the high street.

So now if you have used spray aerosols before you will need to know what to do. They can be tricky but once mastered the results are just superb. If you want professional quality finish on your furniture you can’t get better and in fact nothing comes close. Here are a few tips on spraying to get you away.

  • Keep a distance of 12 – 15 inches from your target area.
  • Keep your handing flowing to avoid gloops!
  • Allow adequate time to dry between coats. A whole day if you can wait.
  • Use a primer
  • Find out the best type of paint for your wood.
  • Ask your supplier for help and advice!
  • Mask the areas
  • Make sure your surface is clean before you start
  • Wear a mask!

Here’s a useful video to get you started!