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Most customers prefer to buy their glassware from traditional retailers. This glassware is trendy and simple and it is definitely not personalized. Of course, you will get dozens of patterns, colors and styles but nothing that has your name, address or personal details embossed on it permanently. So what do you do if you are looking for personalised glassware? Where can you find good varieties and how much does it cost? Let's find out. 

Extra information about personalised glassware

Make your own personalised glassware or art glass

Its actually very easy to personalize your own glassware. The raw materials are easily affordable and they are available online or at any local craft stores. You can read tutorials on how to etch glass or transfer printing on to glassware online. You will require a little practice and a lot of time if you want to personalize several hundred glasses. Please note that the etching process requires hydrofluoric acid to treat glass and it can be mildly dangerous. If you don't have the time and patience to do this yourself, it's a far better idea to hire a professional or find a professional glassware website to do the job for you.

Custom etch your glassware by hiring a local artisan for art glass

This is one of the best ways to personalize your glassware. Local ceramic, porcelain or glass artistes can be contracted to provide bulk glassware that is custom-created according to your design, color and pattern. These prepared pieces can also be etched with any details that you require. Some artistes also provide hand painted designs and colors for your custom-made glassware. Cost --wise, this is expensive and the only way to make is cost-effective is by ordering a large batch of glassware.

Bulk glassware from online websites

For special events, it's a far better idea to choose glassware from a website. The company will then personalize, print or hand paint the glassware to suit your requirements. A few companies will provide free customization with free shipping but the actual patterns are limited. If you want unique and beautiful patterns, you will have to find a company that does custom personalization at a small extra cost. The company will then custom tint, paint, print, or emboss your chosen glassware with the design you want and then ship it to you at no extra cost. This is actually your best option and the most affordable one as well. For a small extra cost, some companies will also pack each glass item in a small gift box or as pairs of glasses. This packaging may be free but you may have to pay extra for personalizing the box.

Please note that bulk purchases will be the most affordable and we recommend that you find a professional website or company to buy the glasses. If possible, you can also check with local retailers to find suppliers with personalize glassware designs and patterns. The only reason for this is that glassware is delicate and ordering from a local supplier will cut down on breakage and loss during transport.